The MCR Committee

Meet the members of the Girton MCR Committee and the Welfare team! We'd also like to make the MCR Constitution publicly available on this page.

Andrew Stretton Andrew Stretton, President

As President I chair the MCR Committee and coordinate it’s activities throughout the year. I also represent the Girton graduate community on Council, the governing body responsible for managing the college. I am a PhD student based in the Institute of Biotechnology.

Maximilian Guenther Maximilian Guenther, Vice President

As Vice-President I support the President in their duties as the public and executive head of the MCR. Together we are a there for any questions, and act as link between students and College. I am representing the MCR on any College Committee, and am also a member of College Council.

Ioana Olan Ioana Olan, Secretary

As MCR Secretary, I am responsible for communication between the Committee and the MCR members. I have been in Girton for 4 years (and counting). I completed an MPhil in Computational Biology and I am now working towards a PhD in Mathematical Genomics and Medicine.

Ross Hill Ross Hill, Treasurer

As treasurer my responsibility is to ensure the appropriate distribution of MCR funds within the graduate community

Constantine Capsaskis Constantine Capsaskis, Internal Social Secretary
Email (also reaches Carlo)

Carlo Bardoli Carlo Bardoli, External Social Secretary
Email (also reaches Constantine)

Hello! My name is Carlo, I am the Girton MCR External Social sec. My responsibilities include organising formal swaps with other colleges and showing visitors around Girton when visiting for a swap.

Declan Maloney Declan Maloney, Food & Drinks Officer

As Food and Drinks Secretary, I am responsible for ensuring that the catering needs of the MCR community, particularly issues of dietary requirements, are met for our student body. I am also responsible for large bookings of guests to formal halls, and for providing whatever refreshments our committee needs for events.

Ruairi Mackenzie Ruairi Mackenzie, Welfare Officer
Email (also reaches Alex)

I’m studying for an Mphil in Clinical Neurosciences – in between cycling to Addenbrookes, and recovering from cycling to Addenbrookes, I’m part of the MCR’s welfare team, and therefore aim to provide a friendly face to chat to, if and when you feel like you need to! Also creator of the MCR BangBarrel®.

Alexandru Savu Alexandru Savu, Welfare Officer
Email (also reaches Ruairi)

Welfare, in my view, is all about recognizing that the things that make you unique are your biggest strengths and not your weaknesses. Sometimes, we tend to forget that and build a sense of fear, anxiety and uncomfortableness inside us. One of the best ways to help yourself is to talk about those aspects that bother you, regardless of what they are. That's where the welfare group comes in! As part of the Welfare team, I focus on being a contact and spokesperson for the Girton LGBTQ+ community, but also on issues of general mental well-being! I'm always avaliable if you need a chat.

Lisa Kazianka Lisa Kazianka, Education & Alumni Officer
Email (also reaches Ellen)

Hi, I'm Lisa and I'm doing an MPhil in Education with a focus on children's literature. As your Education & Alumni officers, Ellen and I are here for you if you have any questions/concerns in regard to the Girton & Wolfie libraries, ideas for seminars or talks, or if you'd like to contribute to our termly PechaKucha. We'll also try to organise an alumni event this year! If there is anything you'd like to ask or tell us, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Ellen Goodwin Ellen Goodwin, Education & Alumni Officer
Email (also reaches Lisa)

Hi everyone! My name is Ellen and I am one of your Education and Alumni officers. I am studying an MPhil in World Christianities in the faculty of Divinity. During my time on the MCR I'd really like to do some more inter-disciplinary events so that we can get to know a little bit more about what everyone is doing. If anyone has any questions or ideas, Lisa and I would love to hear them!

open ???, Accommodation & Facilities Officer

This position is still open. If you would like to be Accomodation and Facilities Officer please contact Ioana.


Jan Menz Jan Menz, IT Officer

As the IT officer I try to resolve Wifi issues with the help of the Girton IT Office. I am also you first port of call for all problems with the IT in Wolfson Court. I try to get this website up to date. It may take a while.

Tess Skyrme Tess Skyrme, Environmental Officer

Hello! I'm Tess and I am the Environmental Officer. I am currently studying for an MRes in Sensor Technology. I'd love to host some events in order to raise money for environmental charities - and will endeavour to make Girton MCR as green as our college colours! I am always happy to receive emails if you have any environmental concerns you would like to raise.

Alfie Lake Alfie Lake, Sports, Arts & Societies Officer

I'm Alfie and I'm currently one of the Sports, Arts and Societies Officers (Eugene is the other). I'm a first year PhD student in Economics and I also play squash for the university. Our main role is to organise events to get the Girton postgrad community involved in sports,arts and societies. So far we've already organised 5 a side football and through the year we'll be looking into organising events like basketball, pub quizzes and drawing classes. We'll also organise the Girton MCR sports day.

Eugene Seah Eugene Seah, Sports, Arts & Societies Officer

Beatriz Esperanca Beatriz Esperanca, International and External Representative

Hi! I'm Beatriz, and currently doing the LLM in International Public Law. As the MCR's International and External Representative, I represent the international graduate community at Girton. We are lucky to be in a college with a fascinating and diverse student body, and my goal is to help create a friendly and integrated environment where everyone feels at home. We'll be holding themed events, such as movie or cultural nights and the celebration of different national holidays. If anyone has any ideas or questions, feel free to contact me!

The welfare team

Apart from the two Welfare Officers the welfare team also has three other members. Bethan Winter, Declan Maloney and Francesca D’Argenio.

Welfare_Team The welfare team is very active and does many things to improve everyones experience at Girton. For more info about their activities have a look at their poster.